Blenheim Driver Averts Disaster

There are two kinds of reactions when an emergency strikes, action or hesitation, fight or flight. Lucky for one petrol station in Blenheim one truck driver is a man of action.

Late on Monday night one southern truck driver jumped back in the cab of his burning truck and trailer unit and drove it safely away from the BP petrol pumps.

The trailer unit caught fire at random while the driver was filling up his truck at the gas station.

Four fire trucks were called to the blaze around 11:40 pm. By that time the trailer was entirely engulfed in flames. Cunningly, the driver removed the trailer unit to stop the fire from spreading.

According to witnesses, the driver began to battle the flames with his onboard extinguisher.

Thankfully no one was injured in the blaze but the incident could have been far worse if the driver had not acted quickly in relocating the truck away from the petrol pumps.

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