Fuso NZ Announces New Sales Manager

Kathy Schluter says her passion for the transport industry stems from the people within it, something she will be bringing to her new role as general manager of sales at Fuso New Zealand. 

Having played a large part in the success of New Zealand based telematics company EROAD, Kathy has always worked closely with both Fuso NZ and Keith Andrews Trucks. 

Along with Kathy’s senior management experience in the transport industry and other sectors her appointment will bring fresh thinking and renewed focus on Fuso NZ’s operations says Fuso NZ managing director Kurtis Andrews. 

“We’re delighted to have Kathy on board. She brings a different perspective to our business, which will challenge how we currently do things and ultimately improve or refine our customer experiences and how we go to market,” says Andrews.

Safety plays a key role in Schluter’s outlook on the road transport industry, something she hopes to affect in her time at Fuso.

“It’s my view that people are what makes up our industry and my passion lies in helping them achieve their business goals efficiently and safely,

“I have a passion to make this industry a safer one than when I entered it and I hope a result of that can be to enhance the reputation of a career as a professional truck driver. New Zealand is short well over 1,000 drivers, so let’s make it an industry that people choose to be a part of,” says Kathy.

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