NZTA Must Take Responsibility for Wastney Failures, says Shirley

Road Transport Forum Chief Executive Ken Shirley has expressed disappointment at NZTA’s regulatory processes in the wake of the Peter Wastney Engineering certification issues. 

“It is extremely disappointing that vehicles are now being ordered off the road,” says Shirley. “This has the potential to have a major impact on the freight task, particularly in the upper part of the South Island.” 

“I am extremely concerned at the impact it will have on the operators affected. Road freight transport is a competitive industry with very tight margins and it is not inconceivable that the loss of their vehicles could send some operators broke.” 

“What is so concerning is that NZTA’s accreditation, auditing and certification processes have been found to be so badly lacking. The question must be asked, how did so many vehicles get certified over such a long period of time without NZTA having any oversight?” 

“This is the second time within two years that NZTA has been found to have failed in their auditing responsibilities. I would have thought that after the weaknesses exposed in the driver licensing system that NZTA would have sorted out its regulatory issues, but that is clearly not the case.” 

“The engineering professional bodies also have questions to answer over how such poor performance from one of their members could go unchecked for so long.” 

“On so many levels this situation was avoidable, and it is unreasonable to expect road transport operators to bear the burden of others shortcomings,” says Shirley.

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