Road Safety Programme Aimed at Young Drivers Launched

Holden today launched a new road safety programme designed for young drivers, with the goal of reducing accidents and fatalities.

Holden spokesperson Marnie Samphier says the programme has been two years in the making and is designed to address specific challenges for young drivers;

“We wanted to develop a practical course that provides real-world driving experience using internationally proven methods.”

“Statistics tell us that fatal crashes where the driver’s contribution is significant are more likely to involve drivers under 24 years. A lack of experience and awareness results in poor decision making on the roads and we believe this new programme can help address this area of concern. It is sometimes assumed that young driver accidents are predominantly drug and alcohol related, this is an issue, but 60 percent of all fatal crashes involving this age group do not feature either of these contributing factors.”

Champion motorsport driver and passionate road-safety advocate, Greg Murphy, has been heavily involved in developing the programme, and will feature in the promotion and awareness-raising activities.

Internationally renowned road safety expert, New Zealander Peter Sheppard, was also instrumental in devising best-practice activities to be incorporated as part of the Holden Street Smart programme.

The day-long Holden Street Smart programme runs during school holidays in a controlled environment away from the open road and other motorists. Participants experience a variety of scenarios and situations as they transition through 10 practical stations in their own car, accompanied by their parent or caregiver.


  • When will you run the next class as have a 16 year old grandson Zac which this may help.
    Grandma Valda

    Valda Entwisle
  • Hi there

    Just wondering what dates this is available next and how to go about registering for it. My son is 16 and is sitting his restricted licence tomorrow and I would like him to do something like this.


    Lisa Hamilton

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