Roadmaster merges with MTE

Two prominent New Zealand truck trailer builders are combining operations. Roadmaster Limited is to merge with MTE group from October 1st 2018.

The merger comes as an expansion of the Hamilton-based MTE Group in the Australasian market.

MTE Group founder and chairman, Robin Ratcliffe, welcomed the move, saying: “I consider it a logical expansion for MTE.

“It gives the market the best range of trailer options it has ever had—combining MTE’s Australasian resources with Roadmaster's history of pushing the edge of technology and innovation.”

Roadmaster CEO, Ross Bell, said that under the joint arrangement Roadmaster would continue to operate out of its Rotorua plant and he and Lyall McGee, Roadmaster’s design director, would remain in their respective roles.

“It is important that Roadmaster’s valued clients are guaranteed continuity of service,” he says, adding that Roadmaster’s staff: “would now have many more opportunities for career growth and opportunities".

“To be honest, I believe it is a win-win situation for everybody. It will work for the clients, for the market, and for the staff.”

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