Scrap Yard Blaze Causes Delays

A raging inferno at a scrap yard in Mangere has caused some delays to transport operators in the area.

The massive fire at Sims Pacific Metals on James Fletcher Drive in Favona began at 2am Wednesday morning with authorities saying that the cause of the fire is still unknown.  The fire continued to burn 24 hours after it began with authorities unsure of when it will stop.

The fire involved 2000 tonnes of scrap metal much of which was from vehicles, appliances and roofing iron. Despite some minor explosions, no one was injured during the plaze.

The fire led to some delays and hazards for transport operators in the area including Mainstream. Trucks were forced to sit about a kilometer from the site and were unable to reach their depots.

“A wind shift earlier this afternoon has meant that the thick plumes of smoke from the neighbouring Sims Pacific site has blanketed our Auckland terminal. We have endeavoured to remain operational but the smoke now poses a significant health and safety risk to our terminal crews forcing us to suspend operations.

As a result, our Auckland terminal will perform limited operations until the wind shifts and the thick smoke disperses. Unfortunately, this will cause delays to some freight scheduled for departure ex Auckland this evening as well some freight scheduled to arrive into Auckland from around the country tonight.” Mainstream released in a statement.

Until the fire stops, transport operators will be working on a delayed schedule.

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