Truck Sales Strong Across the Board

It has been an interesting year in truck sales, perhaps not so much for those at the top but more so for those in runner-up spots.

Year-on-year, Isuzu continues to be dominant maintaining a stable 21.8 percent of market share across the board from 4501-MAX GVM compared to 22.6 percent in 2017. Next, in the same vein is Fuso and Hino, with 16.4 percent and 13.6 percent respectively. A solid outing for the manufacturers albeit a drop for the former and gains for the latter.

At this time in 2017, Fuso had mustered 19.6 percent of market share in year to date registrations, while this year they have fallen to 16.4 percent.

Hino, on the other hand, has gone from 12.8 percent of market share to 13.6 percent, a small gain, but a gain nonetheless.

The following two competitors have changed since last year, Mercedes-Benz and Kenworth have surpassed Volvo and UD for the fourth and fifth spot with 6.4 percent and 6.3 percent respectively. Kenworth registered 187 trucks this year, quite a feat considering it only deals in trucks 23,001 GVM and over. 

Honourable mentions are required for the next two badges, DAF and Volvo have had very strong years with increased sales across the board.

DAF registered 186 trucks for 6.2 percent of market share, slipping just under Kenworth by one registration. It is also a huge jump for DAF this year, having only registered 101 units by this time last year.

Volvo has registered 174 trucks for 5.8 percent of market share, a decent increase from the 148 registered at this point last year.

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